founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan
founder of Nameology C. V. Raja Rajan
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About Nameology

Evolution is an incessant process in every field since the dawn of civilization. Nameology is an evolutionary development that took place in the filed of horoscope. The term Nameology was first coined by Mr. C. V. Raja Rajan, about 18 years ago, and he has been instrumental in improving the lot of several thousands of people, since then by the practice of Nameology.
Nameology is not based on faith but is based on science. He has indubitably elucidated that Nameology is founded on scientific principles to any number of scholars and have surprised and delighted then.
He is an expert in bringing about profound and beneficial changes in one's life by merely changing a person's name. He has brought about rejuvenation in the lives of several people. His counseling services have benefited the rich and the poor, the powerful and the meek, the illiterate and the highly learned, popular personality and unknown face in the street.
He has been interviewed by all leading publication, which have garnered glory to them in publishing his insights. All leading satellite TV channels have also interviewed him and they have enhanced their reputation by telecasting then. He has displayed his skills to public by appearing in popular programmes such as Vanakkam Thamizhagam, Azhagiri Assembly etc.
He does not stop with merely changing the names of his clients, but counsels them further and paves the way for them to reap the full benefits of them being rechristened.
He has converted several full stops into commas, empty; null points, into points of cynosure of all eyes, several question marks into exclamatory marks.
Clients who have immensely benefited by his counseling currently refer most of his clients to him. Experts from both cinema and politics have been amazed by his critical and comprehensive suggestions.
He predicts that rechristening of India, as United States of India would make our country as super power. He also vouches that prisoners can be reformed to an extent where they will become respectable in society by appropriately changing their name.
The remedial marriages he conduct, biannually is effort that is worthy of finding a place in the Guinness book of Records, Couples who have married the same person second time, in the remedial marriage he conducts incessantly praise him.
A compilation of his interviews to leading publication has been brought out as a book, named "Nameology" which has been approved by the Library Department of Govt. of TN and is available in all public libraries of TN.
He avers that his services for mankind would continue till his last breath. His only aim in life is the welfare of people and in this sense he is a polestar.

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